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"Follow me into the magical world of fantasy figures and unique one of a kind dolls. Need inspiration? I make beautiful lifelike creations and will show you how to create your own works of art in doll form. A large portion of this website has been designed primarily for instructing and helping all levels of sculpting students to design and craft dolls into amazing fantasy figures. I share my techniques with those who want information about polymer clay, sculpting, firing clay, wigging, painting dolls, costuming and supplier links. I offer for sale: Polymer press molds, 2 hour DVD's, book like Lesson CD's, supplies, one of a kind dolls in polymer clay and porcelain ball jointed dolls that I hand make. New molds and CD lessons are added occasionally. This website features all the help needed from beginner to intermediate students. I can advise on shipping and purchases only. I am not available to offer advise directly because of the volume of requests and questions. The beginners corner has all information on how to start and what to expect as you learn this art form. Hugs, Patricia"


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